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Fighting crime “Boulder style”


A 17-year-old Boulder High senior faces a $250 fine — stiffer than a ticket for speeding through a school zone — for playing Hacky Sac.His offense: “releasing projectiles” on the Pearl Street Mall.

This is why Boulder is known as “forty square miles surrounded by reality”. This is one of the reasons I don’t live in Boulder anymore. They are more concerned about hacky sac playing then they are about real crime. I mean, drug paraphanelia has been decriminalized in Boulder, and smoking pot on the mall hardly merits a ticket….and don’t even get me started about murder. That’s a freebie in Boulder.

Now, I can understand not wanting hacky sac played in front of a private business because it can be a nuisance. I can also understand if the kids were whipping the thing at people, trying to hurt them. But to bust kids for this?

Stupid, yet typical of Boulder

It is possible I could be missing all those devastating hacky sac tragedies, where people lost eyes and limbs, and even were killed by rampaging hacky sac’ers, but I don’t think that’s the case.

I think this is more a case of the Boulder police, and Boulder itself, proving to the world, once again that they have absolutely no clue what-so-ever.

Let’s try and catch some real criminals guys.

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