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Election analysis: The short version

One of the striking trends I noticed on election night… while in the bar, at the Colorado Republican Election Headquarters…were the number of moderate Republicans that lost elections, and the number of conservative Democrats that were elected. The “Reagan Democrat” went back to the Dems.

It’s this group that has the power for the next two years, and they’ll be watching the new leadership quite closely.

If the Democrats can work with President Bush, something Bush was known for in Texas, get immigration reform, and a solution in Iraq, there’s a great chance that the Republicans go away.

If the Democrats start, oh say, impeachment hearings, you can be sure a lot of those “new” Dems will go back to voting for Republicans.

So who will it be?

Will the Democrats listen to their new “conservative” side?  This is the group that allowed them to win this last election.  Or do they cater to their, very noisy, “impeach Bush” side?

That question will go along way towards determining who runs this country for a very, very long time.

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