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When hallucinations attack….

….this happens….

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — A man told police not to blame him for crashing his truck into a light post – it was that unicorn behind the wheel. Prosecutor Ingrid Rosenquist said Phillip C. Holliday Jr. initially denied driving the truck involved in the March 7 crash in Billings. He told officers at the scene that a unicorn was driving, she said.

When will we stop this senseless unicorn related violence?

No word on how Holliday’s mushroom salad tasted…

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Finals week

Egad!  If I knew how much writing I was gonna have to do in grad school….yikes!

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So, where have I been?

I know some people have been wondering “what the heck happened to Darren?”

Well, I’ve been busy.  Really busy.  Really, really busy.

Just to recap.  I am taking two grad school classes to try and finish my masters in Public Relations sometime this decade.  I also am the boys and girls varsity soccer coach at a high school here in Denver.  I also was roped into becoming the newspaper teacher/advisor/publisher at the high school.  And I’m also starting a new P.R. business.  We signed the lease this week and have been working on business plans, operating agreements, getting EINs and bank accounts.  Everything except P.R.

Needless to say it’s been a little crazy.  But I still read everyday.  I follow Dave and his American Idol recaps.  I still tune into Stacy to catch up on the latest news about hedgehog porn.

But I am making some changes to streamline my day.  I won’t be reading Ann Coulter anymore now that she’s taken up high diving off the deep end.  I won’t be covering too many sports anymore (unless they beg me to cover Broncos…and I mean down on their knees begging).  I’ll only be taking one grad school class a term cause more than one sucks.  And I plan on trying to post at least once a day.

It’s not a promise, but I promise to try.  Besides, I still post more than Mr. Mom who, of course, posts today for the first time in years.

I do have a big soccer game tonight up in Broomfield at 7:00p.  We’ll see what my girls can do.

Think of this as my Christmas letter…except more of a St. Patrick’s Day letter.


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