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Broncos v Vikings: The no one cares addition

I got here late, but managed to see the field goal. Apparently the Vikings are killing the Broncos in everything except the score. Hopefully we can play running time. Why was I late? well I was with out of town friends at Colorado’s most famous restaurant…Casa Bonita!

Anyway, I’m just killing time until the Colorado Alabama football game.

UPDATE: I’m a good luck charm. I show up and the Broncos score a touchdown to take the lead. The Broncos should hire me.

UPDATE: This just in, Adrian Peterson is pretty good. Just Sayin’.

UPDATE: The ice cream is good, but not Troy Williamson is not. He was wide open and dropped the ball. Terrible. I mean getting cut at halftime terrible. Jeez.

UPDATE: And the Broncos get a fumble recovery. I tell ya, I’m a good luck charm baby!!!!

UPDATE: I’m not that much of a good luck charm cause the Broncos fumble the ball, but get it back. Yikes!

UPDATE: Selvin Young scores a touchdown, but staying to form the Broncos get called for holding and the TD doesn’t count. I can’t remember a season where the Broncos had so many touchdowns called back due to penalties or lost due to goal line fumbles. They score half those touchdowns, they’re in the playoffs for sure.

UPDATE: The Broncos are playing with fire, that’s for sure. Brandon Marshall takes it to the two. Timeout for the two minute warning.

UPDATE: The Broncos score again on a pass from Cutler to Scheffler. Minnesota could be in trouble…..unless I leave the stadium early. 14-3 Broncos

UPDATE: Had to get a chili dog. Yummy. The Broncos run out the clock and they lead 14-3 at halftime. Yea!!!

UPDATE: Start of the third quarter. Minnesota needs a score it they want to stay in this thing. They go deep again. They like going deep. Bailey had good coverage though. I would run Peterson every down myself. No one can stop him, and the Vikings receivers can’t catch anything.

UPDATE: I will say this, it’s one of the hardest hitting games I’ve seen this year. Brandon Marshall just took a huge hit.

UPDATE: Brandon Marshall needs a contract extension. He is nearly unstoppable.

UPDATE: Broncos stall and half to go for the field goal. They just can’t run, and if the Broncos can’t run they can’t move the ball at all. Elam gets the field goal though and its 17-3 Broncos. It will be a sad day when Elam retires or gets cut. He has solidified the kicking position and I don’t think folks know how important it is to have a good kicker.

UPDATE: The Broncos are on defense and they are playing with a passion of a team that is playing for their jobs. Where was this earlier in the season. I mean really. When a team is out of the playoffs early and then dominates another team on the final day it really gets fans angy wondering why they didn’t play like this the whole year.

UPDATE: Brandon Marshall catches his 100th catch of the season which is something he can reflect on when he’s sitting at home next week watching the playoffs. It’s a good accomplishment but winning Super Bowls are more important, just ask Rod Smith.

UPDATE: O.K. That was wierd. A personal foul by Minnesota in the end zone means the Broncos score a safety. You know it’s not the Vikings’ day when that happens. But the Broncos will take it. 19-3 Broncos.

UPDATE: Broncos go for it on 4th and don’t get it but I like that “get this game over” spirit. Did I mention the Buffs are on at 6:00 p.m.? I need to see that game.

UPDATE: Well, the Vikings score but it may be too late, unless they make a two point conversion and get an onsides kick. I bet that happens. That would be funny…funny strange not ha ha. Oh well, time for me to head down to ask the Broncos about their golf plans tomorrow.

UPDATE:  Just got back from the locker room.  Good win but I hate being right about going to overtime.  Oh well.  Time for CU and Alabama.

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Horrifying sight of the day

So there I was in Albertsons at 9:00 a.m. this morning on December 26th, and what did I see?

The employees stocking the shelves with Valentine’s Day candy.

Now I know the meaning of “Too Soon!”

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Ferris Bueller strikes again.

I didn’t know Ferris lived in Boulder

Officials at Boulder’s Fairview High School are investigating how a student — or a small group of classmates — was able to use a teacher’s computer password to electronically change the grades of a handful of students.

This student should immediately be employed by the high school to help with security for their computers.  I know this was bad, but come on.  This kid is obviously smart to do this.  The school needs to nurture this kid’s talents, but I’m sure they will try to squash his will and turn him into a master criminal.

Oh and I’m sure nothing will happen to a teacher who was stupid enough to get her password stolen.  That’s just the way the Boulder Valley School District works.

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A bengal tiger is not a pet

Especially in Colorado….

On Wednesday afternoon, Division of Wildlife officers and Arapahoe County sheriff’s deputies removed a Bengal tiger cub from the home of Patrick Michael on South Fillmore Circle.

I’m opposed to this not because of the tiger’s welfare, but the people’s.  I don’t know about y’all, but I wouldn’t want that tiger looking for a late night snack in the house four years from now because people become snacks.  What if that thing got out?  The tiger would do more damage to neighborhood pet population than a Vietnamese family (as told to me by my Vietnamese friend).

I remember when I was a kid, there was a lion living in a cage behind my grandparents house in Burbank California.  I remember staring at that thing in awe, while it looked at me….hungrily.  My family was careful not to let me get too close to the lion, but I wonder what would have happened if the lion escaped.  It would have been Darren tartar for sure.  So during this holiday season I give you a proverb.

The man who owns pets that see him as dinner owns nothing.  Not even the meat on his bones.

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What a relief

Castro said….

In a letter read on state television on Monday, Fidel Castro said he does not intend to cling to power forever or stand in the way of a younger generation.

Thank goodness.  After nearly 50 years in power I was beginning to wonder….


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When gift giving goes wrong

My mother always used to say that there is really only one fruitcake in the world and everyone just repackages it and sends it to someone else every Christmas.  Maybe she meant pants…..

It all began in 1964 when Larry Kunkel’s mom gave him a pair of moleskin pants…..

And so began the most incredible, stupifying, money-wasting example of holiday one-upsmanship ever seen.

You have to read the whole thing.

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Making football mean very little

Stephen has more….

Basically, there have been two shootings at two different church locations today in Colorado.  The first was in Arvada where four people were shot.  Two were killed two were injured.  The gunman got away.  Later today, a guy started shooting at people at the New Life church in Colorado Springs.  Five people were shot, including the gunman.  One person was killed.  The gunman was shot and killed by a female security guard from the church.

Both channel 4 and 7 are claiming the shootings may be linked.

I will have more when I get information.  Look to Vodkapundit  for more.

The good news is that the female security guard stopped a massacre from happening.  Good!

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